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Chop! The process, more or less, for those that are interested. The dry ingredients (photo 1: oats, ground flax seed, flaked coconut, chia seeds, this dried herb mix for birds, cinnamon, and some red pepper flakes), carrots and zucchini (photo 2), peas, broccoli (photo 3), sweet potato, corn, chopped great beans and kale, celery (photo 4), brown rice and a wild rice & quinoa blend (photo 5), and a bean, pasta, oats etc. mix for birds from drs. Foster & smith (photo 6). Photos 8 & 9 are the final base product, but this time I also had some big things I set aside and then added to about half the base mix so Moogan has a separate batch (last two photos). Most of it is the same stuff, just with some bigger pieces, but I also threw some mango chunks in there. Oh and there’s apple in there somewhere too. I was pretty pleased with how it turns out, hopefully the birds like it!

fluffykassius asked:

Does Akira know any words/phrases?

Unfortunately no. She is apart of a little flock with Sox and Pavi so they all learnt each others noises, while Taffi thinks of us as her flock so is the one learning all the words.

I might be lucky one day and maybe Akira will learn some words. : )

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